HERMES Multiplier Event in Brussels

November 7, 2019

In the framework of the HERMES dissemination strategy, VETCEE is organising a Multiplier Event in Brussels to be held on November 7, 2019. The audience consists of representatives of national veterinary associations, veterinary faculties or research institutes participating in the European Veterinarians in Education, Research and Industry (EVERI). EVERI is an umbrella organisation of national and European associations of veterinarians employed in the sectors of education, research and/or industry, founded in 2005. EVERI’s mission is to promote the health and well being of man and animals by creating a better understanding with the general public of the benefits of research, innovation and education in veterinary sciences.
The goals of the HERMES project will be presented there, and potentials/ opportunities will be discussed during an open forum coordinated by VETCEE to involve proactively the participants in the upcoming project activities. In particular, the discussion will focus the peer-review phases, the webinars and the eLearning training for a proactive involvement of the interested parties.

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