HERMES Third Transnational Meeting

Thessaloniki (Greece), 29 January 2019

The Third Transnational meeting of the project was held on 29 January 2019 at the HAO-DEMETER Campus in Thessaloniki (Greece).
During the opening session, Evangelia Sossidou of behalf of the hosting project partner and Katerina Marinou, representative of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture, gave their welcome addresses to the consortium team, supporting the project activities.

The meeting represented the occasion to assess the undergoing activities and to further plan the achievement of the foreseen project results.

A main point was represented by an intermediate internal validation of the Intellectual Output 1 “E&T LAS Quality Standard” and the starting of the hand-over phase towards the Intellectual Output 2 “E&T LAS Quality Manual”, in order to be implemented.
As concerns the e-learning course to be produced (IO4), the IO Lead Partner presented the validated General Framework and the authors’ panel in charge of developing contents.

In order to assure the expected impact of the project activities and outcomes, partners also debated on the best strategies to assure the maximum engagement of the identified stakeholders, at any national and European level.

Finally, the Meeting represented an important occasion to share the first dissemination activities and to plan in detail the next opportunities.

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