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HAO-Dimitra represents, on behalf of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the point of view of the National Competent Authority in charge of the recognition of the E&T courses and learning outcomes.

The objectives of HAO-“Dimitra” are to carry out agricultural research and agricultural vocational education and/or training required for the development and modernization of the agricultural sector, as well as to ensure the quality of agricultural products and foodstuffs and to control production, quality, origin and trading of milk, meat and their products.

The main mission of the Organization is the scientific and technical support of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food in planning and supporting the implementation of the Ministry’s policy.

In addition to their research activities the researchers:

  • Provide scientific support to the Greek Ministry of Rural development and Food
  • Participate in international Networks
  • Provide support and services to farmers or/and their associations
  • Organise or/and participate in training programs/seminars for students, scientists and farmers.

Regarding the welfare of animals used for scientific purposes, a dedicated National Committee has been established in the Ministry. The National Committee advises the competent authorities and animal welfare bodies on matters dealing with the acquisition, breeding, accommodation, care and use of animals and ensures sharing of good practice.

The Division of Animal Welfare also actively supports educational activities organized by the Hellenic Society of Biomedical and Laboratory Animal Science such as LAS EU Functions Courses, which are designed according to the provisions of Article 23 of the European Directive 2010/63/EC and the relevant guidelines issued by the European Commission.

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