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SCAW – Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare – acts on behalf of SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural Science – as National Contact Point for Animal Protection in Slaughter and for alternative methods to animal experiments.

The contact point’s main mission is to advise the Commission as to which alternative methods should be validated based on their potential to fulfil regulatory needs and acquire recognition. The Swedish Chemicals Agency, Medical Products Agency, National Food Agency, and others supply SCAW with necessary information that is forwarded to European Union Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURLECVAM).

SCAW has since 2010 been engaged in continued and further training and education, of people in animal welfare and health trained professions as veterinarians, agronomists, scientists, ethologists and animal welfare inspectors as well as industry representatives (officials and users). Examples of themes of education days are welfare assessment of pigs and cattle, animals as victims of crime, and animal welfare inspections of laboratory animals.

SCAW has since 2016 organized, together with the National Board of Agriculture, education for the members of our regional animal ethics committees, which are the competent authority for project evaluation for animal studies according to Directive. Moreover, SCAW acquired a wide experience in producing and delivering e-learning tools in animal welfare and LAS topics.

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